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Speeding up searches in Easy PDF Search

When you enter words to search for in Easy PDF Search, you need to be mindful of whether you want to search by each individual word, or the phrase.

For e.g. if you enter the following:

Easy PDF Search will search your library of PDF files for pages that contain the word data, or consistency, or and, or concurrency.  This will slow down the search process significantly because of the inclusion of the word and, which is a common word.  The search will complete faster if you omit the word and.

If however you wanted to search for pages that contain the phrase data consistency and data concurrency, you need to enclose the entire phrase in double quotes i.e.

Now only your PDF files that contain the phrase data consistency and data concurrency are returned by the search.  The search will also complete faster because you are no longer searching for individual words.

You may also have wanted to search your PDF files for pages that contain the word data consistency or data concurrency.  You can do this in one of two ways.  Either enter each phrase on a separate line e.g.

or use the OR operator this way:

Both methods of entering the search phrases will return the same results.  The only difference lies in how the results are displayed.  In the first method, each phrase is displayed under separate headings.

while using the OR operator displays the results under a single heading.

So in summary, a phrase search is faster than a multiple word search, and if you must perform a multiple word search, omitting common words will speed up the search.