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Adding EXIF data to photos taken using vintage lenses

I have a collection of Canon and Minolta vintage lenses that I sometimes use with my Samsung NX300/NX500 cameras to achieve that ‘retro’ look.  Obviously, my Samsung cameras are unable to detect the lens details, and hence the EXIF details for focal length, aperture, lens make and model are all empty.

I want to fill in these values so that I can search for these photos later.  So what I do in Easy Photo Search is to first search for photos where the focal length is 0, since this is the value stored in the photos taken using my vintage lenses.

I then choose to export the search results, which contains all photos with a 0 focal length.

In the screen to modify the EXIF values, I enter the relevant details for my vintage lens.

Easy Photo Search then exports the photos with the new EXIF values.

And that’s it – now my photos taken using vintage lenses contain EXIF values which Easy Photo Search can index and search easily, and also displayed in information profiles and overlays.

Download a 14-day trial of Easy Photo Search and experience for yourself how easy it is to add and modify EXIF values.

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